Simply the largest and best maintained tracks in New England. All tracks feature the AMBrc™ Transponder tracking and online results posting.

Indoor Off-Road


Track stats:

Size: 100’ x 50’

Drivers Stand:  40′ long with a base height of 8′

Surface: Hard Packed Clay with Medium/High Bite with low pin indoor tires

Classes:  Short Course Trucks 2wd & 4wd, 2wd & 4wd Buggies and Stadium Truck

RC Excitement is proud to have the top Indoor Off Road Radio Control Race Track in the Northeast where we host numerous Regional and National RC Racing Events each year!

The racing surface is a hard packed clay/loam mix that’s painstakingly prepared to optimize traction while keeping tire wear at a minimum.

Racing Weekly on Thursdays @ 7pm year round and Sundays @ 12pm during the Indoor Racing Season

Outdoor Off-Road


Track Stats:

Size: 120′ x 60′

Drivers Stand:  40′ long with a base height of 9′

Surface:  Loam/Clay Mix that runs a bit looser and is best run with a medium pin, soft compound tire

Classes:  1/10 Scale or Smaller Only – Short Course Trucks 2wd & 4wd, 2wd & 4wd Buggies, Stadium Truck, 1/10 Rally

RC Excitement’s Outdoor Off Road tracks is one of the largest in the Northeast and is host to multiple Regional and National events each year.

Racing is held Sunday at 12:30pm throughout the Outdoor Racing Season.

Indoor Carpet Off-Road



Track Stats:

Size: 75′ x 45′

Drivers Stand: 30′ long with a base height of 4′

Surface:  Black CRC Carpet with CRC’s Clik Track Racing Rails

Classes: 1/10 2wd & 4wd Buggies, 2wd Short Course, Stadium Truck, 1/16 & 1/14 Scale Buggies & Trucks

Our Indoor Off Road Carpet track is used for Rentals, Practice and is available for Parties.

Scale Trail Course


IMG_5749 IMG_5798 IMG_4101 FullSizeRender 9 20160421_143509 12376723_10153478782258611_6792712493884975956_n

 Track Stats:

Size:150′ x 50′

Drivers Stand:Varies

Surface: Dirt, Rocks, Boulder, Water. etc…

Classes: 1.9″ Tire and 2.2″ Tire Trail Trucks, Comp Crawlers

RCE’s Scale Trail Course is a challenging, ever changing trek into ditches, over rocks, through water hazards, and up steep climbs.

We host multiple Regional Scale Truck events each year.


Indoor Scale Course


Track Stats:

Size: 3 Levels

Drivers Stand:Varies

Surface:Turf, Rocks, and Wood

Classes:1.9″ Tire and 1.55″ Tire Trail Trucks, Comp Crawlers

RCE’s Indoor Scale Trail Course is a tight challenging course designed for 1.55 and 1.9 Scale Crawlers.


Rock Racing

Rock Race Course FullSizeRender 10

Track Stats:

Size: 75′ x 40′

Drivers Stand: Wood

Surface: Rocks and Wood

Classes: 2.2 Solid Axle and Independent Axle Classes


Rock racing is a fun alternative to standard Rock Crawling and Off-Road Racing. Cars will face a variety of challenging terrain with elevation changes, rocks, logs and jumps. All racing is done heads up with multiple qualifying heats and mains.