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This year we are flipping the script for the Tough Truck 7.0!

We’re using an all new format this year by introducing Trail Sprint! For the 1.9 and 2.2 classes we’ll be combining the two courses, and will “race” for time. The course lanes will be widened, and penalties will be limited to just boundary touch and hand of god. Two competitors at a time will head out on course at a time, each with their own judge, and will “race” on the extended course. Drivers will be scored independently, and your accrued time will determine your position for the finals. We’re planning on 4 total runs for each driver, 2 Saturday, 2 Sunday. The 4th run/final will have 4 drivers on course at a time! Throughout the weekend we will also run have 1.55 and 1.55 leaf on the 1.55 Trail Course, Rock Racing, Mud Bog, Hill Climb, and a Night Poker Run!

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